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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd®
and its international subsidiary Mixing Solutions Ltd® lead the mixing industry in providing customers with improved agitation and mixing processes for their mission-critical mixing operations. Backed by over 65 years of industry experience, and with a rich tradition of technology going back to their roots with the original Philadelphia Gear Corporation, their technicians analyze, design and implement superior mixing operations in a wide variety of agitation applications.  

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd is a process solution focused company. From high-viscosity non-Newtonian environments to rapid blending and agglomeration, they help customers optimize their operating performance. The resultógreater throughput, higher quality and lower energy consumption that improves bottom line performance. With manufacturing locations based in the United States and United Kingdom and representatives worldwide, they provide local support for global operations. The U.S. headquarters are at 1221 East Main St. Palmyra, PA 17078. The European headquarters are at Venture House, Bone Lane, Newbury Berks RG14 5SH, United Kingdom.


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